Roller/Brush Rubber®

Cantex Coatings Ltd. Roller/Brush Rubber® is a uniquely engineered single component asphalt material that has been modified using the highest quality materials known to us. This Safe To Use, Water Based, Non-Toxic, Free Of Noxious Odors and Free Of V.O.C.s product is available as a hand applied or as a spray applied product that meets and or exceeds all parameters set forth by the EPA.

Roller/Brush Rubber® material is designed to allow as an easily applied material to assist in detail work in conjunction with the Premier Rubber Membrane®, or as a stand alone product used for minor repairs in Construction, Civil, Water Utilities, Waste Water, Mining, Agricultural, Aquaculture, Marine, Automotive, Safety, Industrial, Military, Protective and Commercial/ Residential applications.

The outstanding coefficient of expansion and contraction allow for bonding and conformity to irregular surfaces with the ease of application that will be seen when using a standard paintbrush or high nap roller. The Roller/Brush Rubber® will create a monolithic surface with out seams or overlaps that would compromise the functionality of the product.

When used with Cantex Coatings Ltd. TexR TapeŽ labour, times when doing detail or seam work is greatly reduced, compared to conventional dual component roll out or liquid materials. This in turn will assist in the overall reduction of project costs.