Trowel Rubber

Cantex Coatings Ltd. Trowel Rubber material is an asphalt emulsion material modified using exact formulated polymers providing unique elastomeric performance. This product is engineered to assist in achieving a seamless, monolithic membrane that is best suited where cracks and or voids are present in excess of 1/8”. In the case of expansion or cold joints it will not only seal but allow movement do to its elastomeric properties.

Trowel Rubber for use in preparing the substrate before Roller Brush or Premier Rubber Membrane® is used is recommended as all products bond to one another. 

Product is applied economically by using a trowel or commercial grade paint brush. Trowel Rubber will begin to cure immediately upon completion of application. Humidity levels will greatly affect curing of the material. Trowel Rubber will reach full cure within 24 hours at 70°F with 50% relative humidity applied at approximately 1/8” inch.