Premier Rubber Membrane®

Cantex Coatings Ltd. revolutionary environmentally responsible, Premier Rubber Membrane® system has been designed to give options to the already existing roofing, waterproofing, and protective coatings industry. This system is a dual component, cold spray-applied product, unique for civil and structural waterproofing, secondary containment and many other water proofing requirements.

The two components of the Premier Rubber Membrane® system are both comprised of waterborne and non-flammable liquids and contain zero V.O.C.’s.

Premier Rubber Membrane® is a modified asphalt emulsion system using specially formulated polymers to give a unique elastomeric performance. To achieve a seamless monolithic membrane that will bond 100% to most construction materials, the product must be applied at ambient temperatures using proper application techniques.

The ease of application of the Premier Rubber Membrane® product allows many benefits to the contractor. Safety for the applicator is the single biggest benefit, as zero V.O.C.s are emitted during application or curing of this “PREMIER” material. The added benefit of not having to have Hot Pots or Trailers of hot tar only increase the sensibility of using this product line.

When Premier Rubber Membrane® is applied properly by a Certified Applicator, it is cost efficient, user friendly, quick curing, free of V.O.C.’s, and most important, the dependability of the monolithic membrane created is second to none.