Welcome to Cantex Coatings Ltd.

Thank you for your interest in the Cantex Coatings Ltd. product line. We take great pride in the fact the materials that we provide are 100% made in Canada.

In the following pages we will briefly outline the main characteristics of Cantex Coatings Ltd. products including the Premier Rubber Membrane® system, Roller and Brush and Trowel Rubber materials.

Cantex Coatings Ltd.’s chemical engineer formulated what we feel to be the most durable and consistent materials in this category.  Our continued Research and Development assures continued supply of quality and innovative products.

Cantex Coatings is very quick to respond to our clients needs. If a custom blend of any of our products is required we are more than happy to help. Many of our clients require different viscosities of Trowel and Roller/Brush products for different applications. Our production methods allow for those requests easily.

The revolutionary environmentally responsible, products are designed to give options to the already existing roofing, waterproofing, and protective coatings industry. Cantex Coatings Ltd. materials are cold applied products, unique for civil and structural waterproofing, secondary containment and many other water proofing requirements. All of Cantex Coatings Ltd. modified asphalt materials are comprised of waterborne and non-flammable liquids and contain no V.O.C.’s.

With all of Cantex Coatings Ltd. modified materials being cold applied application they will not have the inherent faults of hot applied systems such as cracking and the changing of its composition to a brittle surface. When applied properly all of our materials can be used in a multitude of areas, such as secondary and primary containment, waste water treatment plants, ponds liner, landfill sites, reservoirs, acid plants, many different architectural uses and also in landscaping applications. All of our products have been engineered to assist each other to achieve a seamless monolithic membrane that will bond to most known construction materials.

Cantex Coatings Ltd. has allowed contractors to expand their markets, revenues and services. The limits of application, using the traditional materials have been virtually eliminated.