TexR Tape®

TexR Tape® is made of 100% non-woven, polypropylene. The adhesive used in the manufacturing process is a Butyl Rubber formula designed to adhere aggressively to most know construction materials. Its ease of application, durability and superior adhesion properties make Cantex Coatings Ltd. TexR Tape® an excellent choice for bridging gaps on substrates being prepared for applications of elastomeric coatings. Is applied quickly and with very little effort. TexR Tape® has a peel away film that allows for a quicker and more durable bond than peel away type tapes. Detail work times are greatly reduced compared to conventional wet bond applied materials. Reduces seaming and detail labor by more than 50%. With proper elastomeric coating application (Cantex Coatings Ltd. recommends ROLLER/BRUSH as coating of choice, but is not limited to) forms a durable weather resistant bond. When used with Cantex Coatings Ltd. materials the completed coating is monolithic without seams or overlaps that would compromise the functionality of the product, as all of Cantex products are designed to bond to each other.